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Whether it’s off road or on the highway, Castle Rock Enterprises offers professional, experienced drivers ready to handle your most complex trucking services. Located in Whitehorse, we are licensed and fully insured for Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories and Alaska. We take pride in meeting the highest safety standards and exceeding customer expectations.

In addition to quality equipment and skilled crews to meet your construction needs, we can also supply crushed rock, gravel, sand, or topsoil.


Castle Rock supplies a broad range of trucks and equipment, including:

  • End dumps

  • Belly dumps

  • Truck and pup

  • Gravel hauling trucks

  • Water trucks

  • Water tanker

  • 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 Axle low-beds

  • Step decks

  • Hi boy trailers

  • Hydraulic recovery trailer

  • Side dump

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