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Sand, Gravel, Topsoil and Rock.

For the best quality quarry materials for your construction project, turn to Castle Rock Enterprises. We supply everything from gravel and topsoil for your site development and landscaping needs. We understand that each construction project is unique, requiring specific products and materials to get the job done right. We give each project the individual attention it deserves to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Our company’s reputation for quality and service grew from our quarry and topsoil operations. Based in Whitehorse, Castle Rock Enterprises can supply you with the quarry materials needed for your project.


Some of our quarry pit operations include:

  • Lawn Soil

    • Our lawn soil comes with sand to help with drainage; it is excellent for laying sod.

  • Garden Soil

    • Our garden soil is suitable for seeding a lawn, and for use in gardens, greenhouses and planter boxes.

  • 20mm Crush Road Crush

    • Includes a binder for better compaction. Suitable for driveways, walkways and under foundations.

  • 50mm Crush Road Mix

    • Includes a binder for better compaction. Useful as a base for driveways and roads.

  • 20mm Screened Road Mix

    • Has more fines than Crush Road Mix. Suitable for driveways that you will not pave.

  • 100mm Minus Screened Pit Run

    • Good to use if you want a smaller size pit run.

  • Bank Pit Run

    • Suitable for backfilling or building up the ground surface.

  • 10mm Bedding Sand

    • Fine sand with small rocks in it. Suitable for a concrete mix or putting on the yard before topsoil.

  • 25mm Clean Crushed Stone

    • Suitable for bedding pipe and for rocking basements. Can also be used as a decorative rock in flower beds and walkways.

  • 20mm - 70mm Septic Rock

    • For septic fields. Suitable for drainage around foundations or used as decorative rock.

  • 75mm – 150mm Oversize Rock

    • Used for ground covers, accents in garden beds, dry river beds, cleaning up water run-off areas, or wet areas in general as the water can permeate below the rock’s surface, leaving a clean finish.

  • 150m – 300mm Oversize Rock

    • Perfect for garden edging, hand pitched walls, gabion baskets, dry creek and river beds, as well as a general ground cover.

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